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Dental BusinessThe business of dentistry is getting more and more difficult as time passes. Patients prefer to spend their money in other ways, rather than on regular preventative care. Eye-catching marketing from our competitors makes it hard to be seen in our busy world. Some patients are even heading overseas to get their dental work done rather than using the local dentist at home.

Many patients have already cancelled or are considering cancelling their dental cover on their Private Health Insurance.  Dental Membership is perfect option for patients who do not have dental cover.

Lock in Your Patients for a Lifetime of Care

Resolve Dental have a solution to the age-old problem of patient retention. We believe that to ensure you have an ongoing clientele of loyal patients, you need to future proof your business by locking patients into a regular schedule of preventative dentistry care at your practice. Similar products have been highly successful in the UK private sector for over 30 years.

Simple and Proven Way of Retaining Patients - Dental Membership

Resolve Dental have created a win-win situation for you and your patients. Not only do your patients receive affordable, regular preventative care that they need, you also have the security that you have retained them as a patient for the stability of your dental business.

Patients can have the option of becoming a member of your practice and receiving member benefits as part of their membership. It can be likened to a gym membership. The patient pays a monthly fee and in return receives regular dental preventative care at your practice. By paying a monthly fee, the cost is spread out and, therefore, encourages the patient to attend every six months as there is nothing to pay on the day.

On your behalf, we collect the monthly direct debits from your patients and allocate it to you in a monthly sum. For the first time, your practice will receive an income each month before you even step into the practice.

Making Dental Health a Priority

Your patients dental health is a priority for us, and with Resolve Dental Membership, your patients can make their dental health a priority also. Resolve Dental Membership cares for your business while you take care of your patients.

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