Resolve Dental Dashboards (1).pngResolve Dental Dashboards

Many Practice owners wait to get their financial reports for their Bookkeeper or Accountant.  This is often months behind the actual event and often too late to make the changes necessary to hit your practice targets (KPI's), does the saying 'close the stable door after the horse and bolted' ring true?

One of my challenges being a Practice Owner is not having the information to hand in one place to make good financial decisions about my business.

That is why I have developed Resolve Dental Dashboards.  I want to see what is going on in my  dental business with a touch of a button, and I want to understand how to track these figures against my KPI's.

Resolve Dental Dashboards are a simple way to track your business performance each day to ensure you stay on track financially.  Having this tool will give you the ability to make proactive decisions about your dental business each day, rather than waiting for financial reports.

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